Robert Lambert Gapper (1897-1984)

Another member of the talented and gifted Uwchlawffynnon family. He was educated at the local village school and afterwards at Pwllheli Grammar School to which he would cycle every day, a distance of some 7 miles. At the age of 16, he went to Goldsmiths College in London to study art after his precocious talent was discovered.

He joined the Army at the outbreak of the First World War and was twice honoured for bravery on the battlefield, but he experienced horrors that he did not wish to talk about. He injured his hands and was unable to return to the art world for some time. He spent 4 years working in Rugby as an electrical engineer.

In 1922 he graduated fromBangorUniversity. He was also a talented athlete and twice won the Victor Ludorum for Track and Field. While living in Rugby he became the secretary of the Welsh Society and deputy head of Rugby Art School from 1923 to 1927, where he gave lessons in drawing and carving

He moved to London when he was 29 years old to further develop his talent and was a student at the Royal College from 1927 to 1930. He won many prizes at the National Eisteddfod and many other important awards in the Art and Craft world.

On a scholarship from London he traveled through Europe to Italy where he was inspired to start carving with the hard granite rock of his birth land. He returned to Wales in 1931 where he carved busts of many famous people including Sir John Morris Jones. He moved to Aberystwyth in 1934 as a deputy lecturer with responsibility for the Art Department and then as curator in 1936. He fought hard to keep this department open at Aberystwyth, where he lived with his wife Florence and four children.

He designed the cover of his cousin Sir David Hughes Parry’s book “ O Bentref Llanaelhaearn I Dref Llundain”, and in 1944 the Famous Urdd badge.