Llanaelhaearn Community Council


The Council consists of two wards, Llanaelhaearn and Trefor. There are twelve elected members, four representing Llanaelhaearn and eight representing Trefor. A new Chairman is elected every year. The Council meets once a month apart from August on the first Monday in the month, in Llanaelhaearn and Trefor alternatively. The local representative attends the meetings but does not have a vote, unless he is an elected member of the Community Council.

July 2017

Our representative on Gwynedd Council

Councillor Aled Wyn Jones

LLwyni’r Wyn, Trefor, Caernarfon. LL545LB


01286 660662/07778164157


The clark to the council

Miss Mary C Jones

In her bardic robers awarded for her work in the community.

The Council

Trystan Humphreys Chair

Meirwen Cullen Vice Chair

Llanaelhaearn Ward

Ward Llanaelhaearn

  • Lynda M Cox            Independant

8 Maes Glas, Llanaelhaearn, Caernarfon. LL54 5AR

lynda.cox@llanaelhaearn.com– 01758 750474/07787953887

  • Trystan Humphreys

Cysgod y Bryn, Llanaelhaearn. Caernarfon. LL54 5AG

trystanhumph@gmail.com – 01758 750142/07881901180


  • Llyr ap Rhisiart

Moelfre Mawr, Llanaelhaearn Caernarfon LL54 5BE

moelfremawr@gmail.com-01758 750546/07920700292


  • John Pritchard

Llechdara Uchaf, Llanaelhaearn, Caernarfon. LL54 5BH

jop.consulting@btinternet.com-01758 750157/07801901211

 Trefor Ward

  • Meirwen Cullen

Hengwm, Trefor, Caernarfon. LL54 5LW

01286 660219/07880961367


  • Gwyneth Jones

14, New Street, Trefor, Caernarfon. LL54 5HE


  • Iwan Taylor

Llwyn Aethnen, Trefor, Caernarfon LL54 5LE

iwanwtaylor@gmail.com-01286 660943/07747505438


  • Sioned Owen- Braniff

34, Eifl Road, Trefor, Caernarfon. LL54 5LW



  • Aled Wyn Jones

Llwyni’r Wyn, Trefor, Caernarfon. LL54 5LB

aledwynjones@gwynedd.llyw.cymru-01286 660662/07778164157


  • Llion Jones

9, Maes Gwydir, Trefor, Caernarfon. LL54 5LA



  • Jina Gwyrfai

Hyfrydle, Trefor, Caernarfon.LL54 5HN.


01286 660546/

  • Helen Pritchard

Gerllan, Trefor, Caernarfon. LL54 5HN




Llanaelhaearn Community Council have received complaints that children are riding their bikes over the graves in the council’s cemetery. Anyone with further information, please contact the Community Council Clerk or any member of the Community Council. Local Police have been informed.