Wind power: 20 myths blown away

An article from Friends of the Earth Cymru, published in December 2010.

A new report explodes the myths that are blocking this clean source of energy in Wales.

Wind power is one of the cleanest, safest and most cost-effective forms of energy available.

Yet wind turbines face opposition from a vocal minority who raise all sorts of arguments against them. These arguments are generally little more than myths.

In view of the increasing urgency of tackling climate change, decisions on potential wind turbines in Wales must be made on the basis of facts and informed debate, not myth and misinformation.

This new report tackles 20 of the most frequently heard arguments against wind power. These include:

MYTH: Wind energy produces little power
In May 2008, there were 1988 wind turbines in the UK generating the electricity needed for 1,379,127 homes

MYTH: Wind farms are unpopular
The Sustainable Development Commission assessed more than 50 public opinion surveys carried out since 1991 and found that 80% of people were in favour of wind farms and 20% against

MYTH: Turbines are taking over the countryside
As a result of the TAN 8 planning policy, future wind farms in Wales will be mostly restricted to areas amounting to approximately four per cent of the land area of Wales

MYTH: Wind farms harm property prices
A report by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and the Oxford Brookes University (May 2007) found no clear relationship between property prices and the proximity of wind farms.

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